Solar Energy Generation

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems are used primarily for generating electricity to operate appliances, for lighting and other electrical requirements. The DC energy that the solar panels produces, is converted by an inverter to AC power. Most commonly the AC power is sent back onto the grid thought a meter to track production especially if you have a generation contract to sell power.

There are three basic applications a present. The first & most common is generating energy & selling it back to the utility thought a contract with Ontario Power Authority (OPA) This is called Fit, or Micro Fit program offered by the Ontario Government . The second is Off Grid Systems, this system is designed to meet your hydro requirements when you have no access to the grid, or you may simply chose to.

The third is called Net Metering. This system allows you to generate energy up to or equal to you current utility consumption. We can design a system accordingly as it is no benefit to produce more then you consume.

Solar panels come in many different forms & wattages, there are now solar shingles; flat plates that are flexible, solar sheeting, and they can now be mounted facing east & west & are becoming an integral component in roof structures.