Martin Bergmann Crew Update

After 5 days of waiting out the storm for 5 days, we finally were offered a window. Winds are dying down and we left Cambridge Bay this morning around 9 am. Seas are relatively calm and we are now near… Continue reading

Progress in Cambridge Bay

The science labs arrived in Cambridge Bay on Thursday Sept 10. Yesterday we were able to find a loader to lower the & move the to the winter site. Today we will start assembling them   Weather is much better… Continue reading

Arctic Off Grid Project

We have been busy this year working with Arctic Research Foundation building & developing portable science lab power by solar & wind.   These labs are built in a sea containers & then deployed to the Arctic to be used for remote projects thought out the North. Continue reading

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a service to an electric consumer under which electric energy generated by that electric consumer from an eligible on-site generating facility and delivered to the local distribution facilities may be used to offset electric energy provided by… Continue reading